Stella the Meditating Kitty Cat

Seated meditation is challenging. It requires patience, commitment, forgiveness, curiosity, observation and stillness. I think that the art of meditation will forever elude me. Yet, daily I try to observe my thoughts, focus on my breath, and find space and sometimes solace in the practice. Reading about meditation and the enlightenment of the great ones offers encouragement. Still, even the slightest mastery of meditation seems far beyond reach and sometimes, even trying feels futile. That is why I am grateful to have found my meditation guru and teacher in the most unlikely (or likely) of creatures, my kitty cat, Stella.

Stella sits with me as I meditate, breathing steadily while snuggled in my lap. She watches, listens and waits. Time passes, I grow anxious, she sits. I shift and move my aching body, she sits. Emotions wax and wane, sadness and joy pass through me, she sits. It is not a new or novel idea – just sit. However, through Stella’s example, the practice becomes more tangible and promising.

I believe animals can teach us many lessons, if we are open to their wisdom and love. I would love to hear, what lessons have you learned from animals?