3 thoughts on “Lake Michigan

  1. i like that—it’s cool when people can create powerful/surprising impressions with just a few words. i can’t believe i haven’t been to that city yet. i actually do a video blog myself on the creative processes of artists/some live playing of my music. i find that i draw heavily on the poetry classes i took as a college english major—it’s such great stuff and even more interesting when given melodies. anyway, good stuff. i enjoyed it thanks!

    • Chicago is a great city, add it to your list for sure. I enjoyed watching some of your video blog posts. The creative process is a complex and beautiful thing indeed. And just as you have to perform to get better at performing, so too practicing writing yields better writing. Thanks for reading!

      • hey thanks for checking out my videos. i will get to Chicago soon! definitely true about the writing process—it use to take me hours to write two good paragraphs. now i’m a lot quicker. keep it up and thanks for checking out my stuff!

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