Relax and Restore

The past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind: moving across the country, starting new jobs, connecting with old friends and meeting new ones too. All good things, but at times a bit stressful. Sound familiar? As we continue to settle into our life in California, I’ve been practicing more restorative yoga to help ease tension and relax. Here’s the recipe…light a few candles, play a couple of these mellow tunes, do a few easy stretches (child’s pose, legs up the wall, gentle reclining twist, savasana) and breathe. Sending you peaceful, loving thoughts!

April Yoga Flow

Here’s my playlist from the yoga class I taught today at Yogaview. Do you have favorite yoga or workout tunes? Please share, I love finding new music!

On another note, I am so grateful to be a part of the yoga community. My students teach me so much and I am honored to share my love of yoga!

First Time for Everything


In yoga teacher training, one of my wonderful teachers, Geri, talked about the joy and responsibility that being someone’s first yoga teacher brings. She said that if we share the practice confidently with new students by offering our enthusiasm and support, they may come back for more.

Yesterday, I taught a class at Yogaview in Chicago and had the privilege of leading someone through his very first yoga class. Honestly, I was scared. I was worried that he might not like the class and I didn’t want be responsible if his first yoga class was also his last.

So, I tried channel Geri’s wisdom and share my excitement and love of yoga. I want to remember this experience because I think it is important to teach every class with that same energy and dedication.

In case you are wondering, my new student did amazing and seemed to enjoy the class. I can only hope he will be back for more.

Buddha Seated in Meditation


Today I spent a lovely winter afternoon wandering the Art Institute of Chicago with my husband.  In the Alsdorf Galleries, there is an impressive sculpture of the Buddha seated in meditation from India, c. 12th century. Along with many other people, I spent some time studying the piece, reading about its history and listening to my audio guide reveal an unseen story.  I marveled at the Buddha’s size, condition, and gentle expression and thought about its journey to Chicago’s art wonderland.

As we meandered all over the museum, I passed the sculpture several times, the last just as the gallery was about to close and was nearly empty. I stopped to take a photo and felt more connected and inspired by the Buddha than my previous visits. It struck me that in meditation it is hard to allow thoughts, ideas, details and crowds to fall away. And then, occasionally, if I wait long enough, there are quiet moments bursting with stillness, inspiration, love, connection and maybe even peace. It has been several weeks since my last meditation session, but today, watching the Buddha diligently seated in meditation, juxtaposed against the surrounding chaos, a little bit of tranquility found me.