Current Class Schedule

All classes held at Bird Rock Yoga

12/27, 9:30am-10:45am
12/28, 9:30am-10:45am
12/28, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Group, corporate and private instruction also available. Please contact me for more information.

“Yoga involves a balance between ‘control’ and ‘surrender’ – between pushing and relaxing, channeling energy and letting go, so the energy can move you.” – Joel Kramer

IMG_3473_3 2

Student Testimonials
“Laura is a gifted yoga teacher. She led our company’s yoga practice weekly for nine months and I didn’t dare miss even one class because I was addicted to how relaxed and calm I felt afterwards. Her playlist was perfect for breathing and being energized through the movements, and as a dancer, I was able to flow from one pose to the next for the full hour, getting a good workout, but more importantly, a calm peace of mind. She orchestrated the class so it was fun, challenging, and flowed seamlessly from pose to pose. I haven’t been able to find a yoga teacher to replace her and am jealous of her San Diego students!” – Jennifer Smith


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